Sample Cover Letter 2

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Chris Doe
1234 Elm Street,
Anytown, ST 00000
(123) 456-7890
chris_doe [at] email [dot] com

Name of Potential Employer
City, State Zip Code

Dear __________,

Attached is an application for the positions posted as “Name of Position” on the “Employer Name” jobs website. I am an experimental physicist considering a career transition into academia. I earned the Ph.D. in physics in 2003.

For the past four years I have been in the Physics Laboratory at the National Laboratory in Name of City, ST. My work has intersected with various subfields of physics, including nanoscience, quantum information, metrology, and low-temperature device physics. My background in physics is broad, including electromagnetism, electronics, acoustics, mechanics, optics, quantum physics, condensed matter physics, statistical and thermal physics, and nanoscience.

I am intimately familiar with physics lecturing and teaching, as a contributor to 20 symposia, as well a visiting lecturer experience at “Name of University” in “Month/day/Year” reviewer of many other papers and technical proposals. Finally, I note that my oral communication skills have been demonstrated through 18 invited talks.

Chris Doe